5* My daughter Neve has only been going since July and is completely obsessed with ballet and wanting it to be her ballet day every day! So pleased that she enjoys it and has been made to feel so welcome by not only Miss Jenna but all the other dancers too. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough. xx – Noosha Robinson

5* Layla had her 1st ballet lesson last week with miss Carys and she had a wonderful time. She is only 4. Layla sobbed the whole way home last week from her 1st lesson at the fact it had finished! she has no concept of time so waiting for next weeks lesson is torture she asks me all day every day she goes on constantly 🙂 which just proves she loved it. Thank you, ladies, for being so nice and making Layla so welcome. I can’t wait for her to hopefully become a member of your dance team! xx – Kerry Hollands

5* Miss Jenna is a wonderful teacher of many genres of dance offered at ESDS. She has genuine affection for her students and seems to know exactly how to inspire them to be the best they can be. From the babies to the high grades, from ballet to tap to lyrical to holiday workshops to the performance team, she lives and breathes this school and is supported by a wonderful team of teachers. Thank you for all you do, my girls are loving it all!!! xx – Alice Quintana

5* My daughter had a school assembly today. The subject was having faith in god and each child had to read out to the school what they had faith in.

Ella Wrote:
“I have faith in my dance teacher.
She will make me better at dance.
I also have faith in my mum to let me play loud music so i can practice my dances”
A little concerned Miss Jenna came before me lol
But what more can i say about this dance school xxx – 
Claire Slinnhawkins

5* Miss Jenna truly knows her ballet. My daughter, now 4, has been attending since she was about 2 1/2 and has done a show and really enjoys herself. I have now started my son who is not quite 3 in baby ballet and gosh his grin could not be any bigger. Lovely teachers, great variety of classes. Love to see my children learning and enjoying themselves. Thank you