Huge congrats to all our students who took Ballet Exams in December. We have maintained our 100% sucess rate with all A's and B'!!!

Modern Cup 2016

Olivia Russell

Senior Ballet Prize: Lottie O'Kill    Tap Prize: Louella Hinton-Avery    Head Girl: Kira Nichols    Junior Ballet Prize: Elysia Dear

Cup and Prize Winners 2016

Modern Cup 2016

Jonah Hinton-Avery

Progress Cup 2016 :

Claudia Pearson

Prize Winners Back row L-R

Pre-School Ballet Prize Friday: Rosie Gurr    Pre-School Ballet Prize Saturday: Jasmine Skerritt    Hard Work and Dedication: Maisie Cole    Little Miss Potential: Tia Howard    Little Miss Pointy Toes: Lily Kingsbury

Ballet Cup 2016

Rose Quintana

Prize Winners Front Row L-R

Head Girl 2016 

Sandra Owen Full Scholarship:

Kira Nichols

Orla Boulter has succesfully auditioned for the English Youth Ballets production of Swan Lake out of over 150 children.  Great Work Orla super proud and we can't wait to come and see you!

Tap Cup 2016

Lottie Nickols

Jonah Hinton-Avery is our first ever student to win a place on the Royal Ballet School Associate Programme.  He starts in September with them Weekly.  Huge Congrats Jonah we are very proud of you!

Musical Theatre Cup 2016

           Rosie Moon

Louella Hinton-Avery has won a place to study at the prestigous 'Tring Park School of Performing Arts. She will begin training there in September 2017. We are so unbelievably Proud of your achievement and dedication, we will miss you so much!