February Results 2017:



Age 10 and Under Duets:

4th Lucinda Randall and Jonah Hinton-Avery

Age 10 and Under Mini Groups

4th Tears of an Angel- Maisie Cole, Lucinda Randall and Ella Slinn Hawkins

Fields of Gold- Stage Groups 12yrs and under

5 Consecutive Gold Medals and Trophies

What are dance festivals?

Dance festivals (more commonly known as “comps”) are an opportunity for children to learn dances and compete against other children from other dance schools, showcasing their talent and ability in a friendly and fun environment.

Competitors are put into sections according to both ability and age (this varies from comp to comp slightly but the sections are generally as follows)…

 These are arranged according age:

Baby 5 yrs and under
Class A 6-7 yrs
Class B 8-9 yrs
Class C 10-11 yrs
Class D 12-13 yrs
Class E 14-15 yrs
Class F 16 yrs +

You can have up to 6 solo’s including Ballet, Tap, Modern, Song and Dance, Character and National.

You can also have a duet or a trio and there are 'group' sections for groups of 4 dancers or more - these are really fun to be a part of.

We only accept people onto the comp team who do Ballet and or other genres. Ballet is the foundation of dance and everything we do, even if you do not compete in ballet you must take class.  Teachers and only teachers will choose which genre of dances you do once one is up and running then maybe another will be added but only if the child is ready and performing at a high level. If you are part of the comp team you must be very committed, especially if you are given a duet, trio or a group as then you are letting your team down if you do not attend lessons/rehearsals.

Comps are hardwork but a lot of fun, the standard is very high and therefore a private lesson each week is needed to learn your solos or to improve them. Once one solo is learnt we can move on to learning another solo. Everyone on the comp team must also attend the 'Festival Class' on a Thursday afternoon, in this class their solo's will be performed, flexibility worked on, and also other advanced movements and tricks that can not be worked on in their weekly classes. We will also use this class to work on duets and group dances. Home practice is essential if you are on the comp team as is stretching and improving flexibility. Competitors at the festivals are very well limbered dancers. With the standard being so high at the comps you may not always win your section or even get placed 2nd, 3rd or 4th but it’s the taking part and doing your best and having fun whilst doing it that’s important and the more comps you do the better, more experienced and more confident you will become as a dancer and a stage performer.

You will need a costume for each dance, costumes again are of an extremely high standard at comps (not fancy dress at all), they are beautiful and often made from scratch or ordered from a dance costume company. They can be expensive but once bought they will wear this costume for a couple of years at each comp, until they grow out of it or the dance. We can then make a decision if to pass the dance down to someone younger and you can sell the costume on too (to get some money back for it) or you can keep the costume.

Entrie fee's vary from £5-£7.50 and must be paid before each festival.

Comp team is INVITE ONLY, however, if it is something your child is interested in please let their teacher know so they can keep an eye on them and their progress.

Last year our comp team did fantastically coming home between them with:

28 Trophies

36 Gold Medals

33 Silver Medals

25 Bronze Medals

10 4th Medals