Covid 19- Policy and Terms and Conditions


No parent or carer is to come into/onto the premises. No person or child is to come to site if experiencing symptoms of coronavirus/has been asked to self-isolate/ tested positive. Should a student present with symptoms or a fever they must be collected immediately.
You must agree to collect a student should their bubble need to close at short notice.

Closure of classes/courses due to COVID-19 infection and need to self-isolate:

If a student is displaying symptoms/has been asked to self-isolate or or a member of their household shows symptoms of COVID-19 when they are due to attend the class/course, they will not be able to attend unless a negative test result/communication from test and trace/ until they have self-isolated. Classes will not be refunded in this instance, where possible the students may be able to join online if enough notice is given.

If a dance bubble has to close due to a positive test result classes will be moved online via Zoom until that bubble can re-open. Classes will not be refunded in this instance.

If a student or member of their household tests positive for COVID-19 while the term is running, you will need to notify us immediately and that student will no longer be able to attend on-site.

In the event of a student testing positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of taking part in our classes/courses, you must notify the office immediately and include our organisation within your track and trace submission.

Students must arrive on time; your arrival window will be 5 minutes before classes start. Failure to arrive during your window may mean you will have to wait until staff are able to collect your child. We will also require you to maintain social distance at drop off/pick up and follow signage.

Students must not bring ANYTHING onto site with the exception of dance shoes and water bottles.

The students will wear one uniform for their daily class.

Toilets will be open but MUST be used one at a time.

Students must remain in their bubbles whilst on site and listen to teachers’ instructions. Social distancing is to be maintained within the bubbles unless you are a pre-school class.

Students age 11+ must wear a mask into/out of the building and in social areas. Pre-school parents are asked to wear a mask if they can not distance 2 metres in their classes.
No student/parent will wear a mask whilst dancing/teaching

By submitting this you accept the following:

I acknowledge the contagious nature of Coronavirus. I recognise that East Sussex Dance Studios has put in place a series of protective measures to reduce the risk of Coronavirus transmission within the setting, but I accept that ESDS Cannot guarantee that my child will not be exposed to Coronavirus whilst attending the club

I understand that I must follow the procedures set out by ESDS when dropping off and collecting my child from the setting. Details of your individual setting have been/will be emailed to you

Before each session I will check that my child is not experiencing any Coronavirus symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell

My child will not attend if displaying any Coronavirus symptoms, if living in a household with anyone displaying symptoms or if they have been advised by NHS Test & Trace to self-isolate

My child is capable of following the rules relating to protective measures, such as not mixing with children in other bubbles whilst in our setting, washing/sanitising their hands regularly, coughing and sneezing into a tissue and disposing of it safely. I understand that if they are unwilling to follow the rules they may not be allowed to attend future sessions.